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Nigeria’s former president Obasanjo eats dinner with the FT

Here. The concluding paragraph: At close quarters it is hard not to warm to the man. He has a winning sense of humour and unshakeable belief in self as well as country: “I love Nigeria,” he says over breakfast. “Some people see that as a weakness.” There is also a streak of ruthlessness and a… Read More »

Friday Links #45 – On Yar’Adua’s death

Image via Wikipedia 1. Akin pulls out tissues for President Yar’Adua 2. Goodluck Jonathan makes his first address as president to the country (Video) 3. Reuters says Yar’Adua death leaves succession wide open 4. Next gives details of the burial 5. Discussions and speculations about who will become the new vice president 6. Is it… Read More »

A really good analysis of the Jos crisis

This is from Tatalo Alamo, writing for the Nation: Taking inspiration from the conflict tree paradigm, we can say that while the immediate cause and outward foliage of the Jos crisis is economic, ie a conflict arising from allocation of scarce resources and the distribution of political patronage, the root causes are cultural and historical.… Read More »

Nigeria: Who needs a president, again

Would ordinary Nigerians have felt Yar’Adua’s absence? Since the experience of the Nigerian state for most Nigerians is limited to demands for bribes by officials and policemen, the government and who is running it is of little consequence to them. Everything positive in their lives is achieved by themselves in spite of the ruling elite… Read More »

Of Yar’Adua, his wife, and Nigeria

The Nigerian president got back to the country in the early hours of Wednesday. It is reported that his flight landed in a well-guarded presidential wing of the international airport in Abuja. From an investigative report by NEXT, we learn that the acting president, Goodluck Jonathan, as the acting Commander-in-Chief, did not release the troops… Read More »

Will Jonathan’s good luck hold out?

Matthew Tostevin, Reuters editor for Africa, writes in the Reuters Africa News blog: It now appears very unlikely that Yar’Adua will ever return to office, but that only intensifies the battle ahead of the election due by 2011. According to an unwritten agreement within the ruling PDP party for rotating power between Nigeria’s regions, Jonathan… Read More »

How do you revive a country’s industrial sector?

Ban the use of foreign products at official functions and in government offices: Nigeria’s Daily Champion -The Federal Government on Tuesday imposed a ban on the use of foreign beverages at official functions and in government offices. The ban covers tea, coffee, biscuits, fruit juices, water and soft drinks. President Umaru Yar’Adua gave the directive… Read More »

Someone in the Nigerian Government has been reading De Soto

Remember Hernando De Soto’s assertion in The Mystery of Capital that success in capitalism is tied to the structure of property and property rights? Seems like someone in the Nigerian government has been reading the book. In ThisDay of today: The Federal Government yesterday said  the ongoing land reforms process is intended to launch the large… Read More »