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Nigeria’s foreign trade policy

From a BusinessDay Nigeria column: [O]ur trade policy has remained very inconsistent many years after independence. Recent reforms – particularly the NEEDS – have however tried to considerably minimize the unpredictability of the trade policy regime by establishing a schedule to fully adopt the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) common external tariff (CET)… Read More »

Africa – ‘dumping ground’ for fake goods?

BBC Focus on Africa Magazine: It is early morning in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, and a small independent wholesaler is doing a roaring trade. The city’s street traders and small independent retailers have come to stock up on household products, one of which is toothpaste. This wholesaler stocks two brands. The first, the so-called genuine… Read More »

Update to the Blog

I have just added a roll of the allafrica.com feed on trade news to the blog. It is directly below Recent Comments, at the right hand side. I am also currently reading the book The Least Developed Countries and World Trade, a Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) publication. The study was prepared by Stefan de… Read More »

Age Limit for Imported Buses and Trucks

I just read that the federal government of Nigeria has just decided that buses and trucks imported into Nigeria must not be older than 10 and 15 years respectively. The age limit for imported cars had already been set at 8 years some years ago, and is not always being abided by – with many… Read More »

Trying to Understand the Nigerian Oil Industry

In the closing lines of a post on the Zambian copper industry I wondered whether anyone knew the details of the deals between oil companies and the Nigerian government. A news story I read in BusinessDay rekindled that interest, and a post I read at NigerianCuriosity made me decide to actually blog about it. The… Read More »

Trade Policies, ECOWAS and Ecobank

I officially declare my interest in the trade policies of Nigeria and ECOWAS, especially as they concern trade within ECOWAS. This means that I will be having posts on trade on the blog pretty soon. To celebrate my declaration I am drawing attention to a product just newly introduced by Ecobank. The bank has introduced… Read More »