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*Scientists like to think of science as self-correcting. To an alarming degree, it is not*

From The Economist: Academic scientists readily acknowledge that they often get things wrong. But they also hold fast to the idea that these errors get corrected over time as other scientists try to take the work further. Evidence that many more dodgy results are published than are subsequently corrected or withdrawn calls that much-vaunted capacity… Read More »

Friday links

1. A series exploring the realities of life in Europe for African migrants – Al Jazeera 2. The number of attempted suicides is five times as high among young Turkish-German women than their ethnic German counterparts – Der Spiegel 3. Dissent in China (on Chinese citizens’ response to the train crash in Wenzhou) – The… Read More »

Friday Links

1. Why is Hosni Mubarak clinging to power? Maybe because the life of an exiled dictator isn’t what it used to be – FP 2. Ms Merkel: Eurozone nations would have to agree on retirement age, tax and spending rules – Guardian 3. German companies great and small are making the most of globalisation. Their… Read More »

Loomnie Friday Link Love 9

$140 per barrel is the appropriate price of crude oil – Rilwanu Lukman, Nigerian Petroleum Resources Minister. Hat-tip to Nigeria, What’s New?. Mr Obasanjo on Hardtalk. The disconnect of the Pope. Are we really in the age of mass intelligence? Individuals give NGOs more funds than donors. The Berlin wall came down 20 years ago… Read More »

The Economist Endorses Obama

In the concluding paragraph of the story: So Mr Obama in that respect is a gamble. But the same goes for Mr McCain on at least as many counts, not least the possibility of President Palin. And this cannot be another election where the choice is based merely on fear. In terms of painting a… Read More »