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Dominique Strauss-Kahn on his trip to Africa

Africa is a different place from how it is often portrayed in the popular media. Thanks to sound economic policies in many countries over the past decade or so, Africa has been able to withstand this crisis much better than has been the case in the past. The fact that the crisis hit Africa anyway does not… Read More »

The Economist reviews Clint Eastwood’s Invictus

CLINT EASTWOOD’S “Invictus” has given Morgan Freeman, a 72-year-old ever-rising cinematic star from Memphis, Tennessee, his best chance yet to show what a canny actor he is. The year is 1995, just 14 months after South Africa’s first multiracial elections. Nelson Mandela wants to use the rugby World Cup, for white South Africans the absolute… Read More »

Is a New Paradigm for Recovery in Developing Countries Emerging?

From a policy brief from the United Nations University: We have already witnessed over the past year brave and even imaginative efforts by many developing countries in order to cope. Developing countries with the largest and strongest economies, such as China, India and Brazil, have shown encouraging early signs of recovery after implementing timely countercyclical policies.… Read More »

And the Mo Ibrahim Africa governance prize goes to no one

Financial Times: Africa governance prize finds no winners: Mo Ibrahim, the Sudanese telecoms magnate, will not award his $5m African leadership prize this year, a decision seen as a rebuke to the former presidents of Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana, among others. The prize, now in its third year, is given to heads of state… Read More »

District 9 and Nigeria (again)

Nneoma of Pyoowata writes in a review of Nigerian bloggers’ response to ‘District 9’ for NigeriansTalk.org: In an interview with the Huffington Post, Neill Blomkamp states that the small population of Nigerians in South Africa is indeed responsible for the majority of crime in his country. In keeping with his bias against Nigerians, District 9… Read More »

Beautiful Africa 9th Edition

The 9th edition of the Beatiful Africa Blog Carnival is currently online. It is hosted by Szavanna, and: includes amongst others a solar cooker recipe, writings by three very talented bloggers, you can also spend some time discovering South Africa’s wildlife, get to see the Olive-backed forest robin, a newly spotted bird species from Gabon,… Read More »