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Kwame Appiah reviews Peter Firstbrook’s book on Obama’s family

In The New York Review of Books: Many years ago, the Belgian anthropologist Johannes Fabian identified a tendency he called “the denial of coevalness.” “The history of our discipline,” he wrote, reveals the use of time for “distancing those who are observed from the Time of the observer.” But this isn’t just a professional deformation of… Read More »

Friday Links #45 – On Yar’Adua’s death

Image via Wikipedia 1. Akin pulls out tissues for President Yar’Adua 2. Goodluck Jonathan makes his first address as president to the country (Video) 3. Reuters says Yar’Adua death leaves succession wide open 4. Next gives details of the burial 5. Discussions and speculations about who will become the new vice president 6. Is it… Read More »

Of Yar’Adua, his wife, and Nigeria

The Nigerian president got back to the country in the early hours of Wednesday. It is reported that his flight landed in a well-guarded presidential wing of the international airport in Abuja. From an investigative report by NEXT, we learn that the acting president, Goodluck Jonathan, as the acting Commander-in-Chief, did not release the troops… Read More »

Nigerian president returns to Nigeria

So, apparently, the Nigerian president has decided to return home, only a few days after the vice president was named acting president. Interesting. NEXT reports that the president’s ambulance arrived in Aso Rock, Abuja, the presidential ‘grounds’ about 4 hours ago. See this Aljazeera report for some background to the story. So, what happens to… Read More »