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Drug trafficking and usage in Africa

Ken Opalo has an excellent article on drug trafficking in Africa: The problem of drug trafficking in Africa is not merely a law enforcement concern. Firstly, it is a threat to the development and consolidation of important state institutions, especially the region’s judiciaries and security agencies. In many of the African states that have been… Read More »

Why can’t African access global payment services?

Apparently, the fairly fragmented but resilient world of money transfer is getting consolidated: Sigue, a US money-transfer company strong in Latin America, is buying the money-transfer business of Coinstar for $41.5m. Coinstar’s network allows users to transfer cash to 23,000 points worldwide – and Sigue’s CEO, Guillermo de la Viña, says the acquisition will make his company… Read More »

A brilliant review of Paul Collier’s The Bottom Billion and Wars, Guns and Votes

Extracts: Collier’s work is not informed by any explicit, overarching theory of development or any historical perspective that might inform one; nor does he offer any social analysis. There is an implicit theory of human behaviour, which is radically reductionist—individual economic self-interest rules. In this view, history appears to be a continuum of ‘14th-century reality:… Read More »

Effects of the international drugs trade in West Africa

The region, an established transit point for Latin American cocaine to big Western markets, has also become a drug processing site amid rising addiction rates, and drug-related violence will follow, they told a drug summit over the weekend. “A flourishing illicit trade in the hands of organised crime is obviously a threat to the rule… Read More »