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On political leadership and anthropology: AIDS in South Africa

Keith Hart writes: The contrast between Zuma and Mbeki could hardly be greater, a tribal chieftain in the mould of Bolingbroke or Henry Tudor against Mbeki’s Othello, a man happy to be photographed dancing in Zulu warrior gear versus the austere western intellectual with his stiff suits and goatee beard. The number of Zuma’s wives,… Read More »

Rethinking Global Health Priorities: HIV/AIDS, Poverty and Basic Health Services

by SEYE ABIMBOLA* Lately, I have inundated myself with a series of incredibly enlightening dispatches from TED Talks. Listening to them, especially those related to international health and development has been a wonderful respite from my undesirably excessive clinical workload. The one by University of Chicago economist, Emily Oster, who shared her work and ideas… Read More »