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European leaders are ditching democracy to save the Euro

I’d been waiting for the first major newspaper columnist to write something about this. Here it is, from Evans-Pritchard of The Telegraph: As I long feared, the flood of cheap credit into Southern Europe and the slow death of Club Med industry by currency asphyxiation have together created such a dangerous situation for world finance… Read More »

Wednesday Links

Cynicism and the Nigerian state – NigeriansTalk The Un-Shock Doctrine: A defense of communism – Slavoj Žižek The Political Relevance of the Internet in Developing Countries – The Monkey Cage Time to avoid the dictatorship v democracy debate in Africa – David Booth Eurozone and the Greek debt – “Overindebted countries with their own currencies inflate. But countries… Read More »

George Soros on the Euro and the Greek debt problem

The crash of 2008 revealed the flaw in the euro’s construction, as each member country had to rescue its own banking system instead of doing it jointly. The Greek debt crisis brought matters to a climax. If member countries cannot take the next steps forward, the euro may fall apart, with adverse consequences for the… Read More »