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A little about Ghana’s new president

Thoughts are with Ghana at the passing of President Atta Mills, who many described as being slow but steady. The vice president was sworn in last evening as the new president. The video of the swearing-in ceremony is here. The new President John Dramani Mahama was a minister for communication between 1998 and 2001. Shortly… Read More »

Senegal hunts for oil

From Bloomberg: Energy companies operating in Senegal will drill three offshore wells next year as the West African nation vies to join a growing group of regional crude producers, according to the state-owned oil company,Petrosen. Senegalese officials held talks with more than 10 oil companies this year in attempts to lure investors to its energy industry, said Joseph Medou, Petrosen’s geologist,… Read More »

Roubini on African markets

Fund managers should consider African markets such as Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania rather than chasing crowded emerging market trades elsewhere, economist Nouriel Roubini said. “It (Africa) is risky because there is less liquidity and the governance is not ideal. But in comparison to 10 years ago when there was civil strife and unstable governments,… Read More »

A Chinese Business School in Ghana

The Economist talks to China Europe Business School’s Africa Programme Director, Kwaku Atuahene-Gima, about the reason the Chinese business school decided to establish a branch in Ghana: CEIBS has been instrumental in developing the business talent that has helped China develop,…. The Europeans and Americans were the colonisers of Africa, but there was not much… Read More »

Is a New Paradigm for Recovery in Developing Countries Emerging?

From a policy brief from the United Nations University: We have already witnessed over the past year brave and even imaginative efforts by many developing countries in order to cope. Developing countries with the largest and strongest economies, such as China, India and Brazil, have shown encouraging early signs of recovery after implementing timely countercyclical policies.… Read More »

And the Mo Ibrahim Africa governance prize goes to no one

Financial Times: Africa governance prize finds no winners: Mo Ibrahim, the Sudanese telecoms magnate, will not award his $5m African leadership prize this year, a decision seen as a rebuke to the former presidents of Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana, among others. The prize, now in its third year, is given to heads of state… Read More »

Loomnie Friday Link Love 33

1. The financial crisis, a view from a Brazilian barrio 2. The British Social Science Research Council‘s African Argument’s blog has a Citizenship Debate series 3. Shitting on Hope: Obama and the Peace Controversy 4. A really interesting episode of This American Life, in which the producers try to understand the healthcare debate and the… Read More »