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Is globalisation on the retreat in 2011?

FT’s Gideon Rachman thinks that the answer to that question might be Yes: The backlash against immigration is particularly visible in Europe. In Britain, the new coalition government has promised to reduce the number of immigrants from hundreds of thousands a year to tens of thousands. International banks and multinational companies are already complaining that their businesses are… Read More »

An anthropological take on the euro crisis

By keith Hart. The conclusion: The euro is the most tangible symbol of the European Union, but not co-extensive with it. For the last century or more, member states had supplied their citizens with a monopoly currency that served both as the reification of the national economy and as their principle link to the world… Read More »

Friday Links #48

1. Missionaries save languages 2. Nigerians, self-congratulatory much? 3. At least 40 East African (CEOs) take public HIV tests 4. The most beautiful images in Google street view 5. Google street view presents: A Hole-Filled Version of Germany 6. Africa: Hitchhiker’s Quick Guide to the Mothership 7. ‘For the record, big butts do not, in fact,… Read More »

Germany and immigrants

The Economist has a nice article on immigration in Germany. If you can recall, Angela Merkel recently said that multiculturalism has utterly failed in Germany. This was following the furore that was raised by the publication of a book that claimed that immigrants and muslims were causing the downfall of Germany. The book was written… Read More »

Arm aber sexy (poor but sexy)

Jonathan Rosenthal, The Economist’s European finance correspondent writes about my (for now) adopted city, Berlin: Iconoclasm is not just the preserve of the rebellious poor. In Berlin’s opera houses—there are still three, despite the broken budget—audiences are known to boo and hiss. When I went to a performance directed by Nigel Kennedy earlier this year… Read More »

Democratising the development discourse

From a commentary on Owen Barder’s comment on Bob Zoellick’s speech on development discourse: … if we really want to democratise the development discourse we should also publish, say, the minutes of Bank board meetings and other relevant internal documents to understand how ideas and statistics are translated into ‘reality’ through powerful interlocutors like the… Read More »

Blacks in Germany

Yesterday I read a journal article on the hypersexualisation of blacks and the redefinition of citizenship in Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In plain English, German women saw black men as exotic consumables – blacks here meaning both Africans and African American GIs. But the experiences in both cases are radically different.… Read More »

Daughter of Ahmadinejad advisor seeks asylum in Germany

From Deutsche Welle: Iranian filmmaker Narges Kalhor has applied for asylum in Germany after her visit to a film festival. The move is likely to ruffle feathers in Tehran, as her father is the media advisor to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Narges Kalhor decided at the last minute that she would not return to Tehran after… Read More »