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On Nigeria’s GDP Rebasing – Plus Links I Find Interesting, Rebasing Edition

There really is nothing much to the rebasing/re-benchmarking exercise. That it has not been done in such a long period, hence making the updated figures sound so huge, says more about governance in Nigeria than anything else. And any serious Nigeria analyst or private sector player is not really surprised by the figures. The point… Read More »

Does Aid work for Growth and Development?

Based on a thorough review of the professional research literature and a re-examination of key hypotheses, our answer is “yes”. That is from Channing Arndt, Sam Jones, and  Finn Tarp, all of University of Copenhagen. They continue: Our study represents the most carefully developed empirical strategy employed in the aid-growth literature to date. The results… Read More »

What happens when your country depends on a single product?

From Vanguard: Nigeria’s excess crude account has dropped from $20 billion (N3.004 trillion) at the beginning of the year to $11.2 billion (N1.646trn) in June. This implies that in the last six months, the various tiers of government in the federation have shared a total of $9bn (N1.323tr) from that account. This use of the… Read More »