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On financial services in Africa

From a new Accenture report titled At the tipping point: Financial services in Africa comes of age: The Accenture research study… highlights new growth triggers for financial services, pointing to rapid market development in some countries. While the paths to growth vary, these triggers often include innovation through (very) low-cost offerings and distribution, dramatically opening up… Read More »

Africa banking rising

According to a report by Bain & Company, quoted in a Reuters article: Bain Partner Andrew Tymms said the continent’s financial services industry will continue to grow at a compound annual rate of 15 percent to 2020, outpacing gross domestic product growth. “Retail banking will grow faster than corporate banking … to make up 38… Read More »

Nigeria’s Central Bank governor wins international recognition

Mallam Lamido Aminu Sanusi has been named as the Central Bank Governor of 2010 for both the African continent and the entire world, by the prestigious Banker Magazine. The editor of the magazine, Brian Caplen, says that few candidate names generate an overall consensus on judging panels, and yet, when it came to finding the… Read More »

Recapitalising Nigerian banks

If you have been following the news, you know about the shake-up, the rescue and the proposal to buy off bad loans. Reuter’s report on the current state of the industry: Two of Nigeria’s nine rescued banks are in talks with foreign investors about recapitalisation but most of the others are more likely to be… Read More »

Why can’t African access global payment services?

Apparently, the fairly fragmented but resilient world of money transfer is getting consolidated: Sigue, a US money-transfer company strong in Latin America, is buying the money-transfer business of Coinstar for $41.5m. Coinstar’s network allows users to transfer cash to 23,000 points worldwide – and Sigue’s CEO, Guillermo de la Viña, says the acquisition will make his company… Read More »

A Nigerian financial class action suit

A Lagos High Court has given nod to 80 aggrieved investors, bonded in a class action suit, to seek legal remedies against a Lagos asset management company, BGL Ltd., for an alleged N30 billion financial fraud in a private placement offer. In the nation’s first class action lawsuit in the margin loan crisis, Justice Charles… Read More »

Nigeria imposes tenure limit on bank CEOs

From FT reporter Tom Burgis: Two of Nigeria’s most prominent bank chief executives are to be forced to stand down under new rules introduced by the central bank as part of the governor’s ongoing tussle with some of the country’s most powerful tycoons. Lamido Sanusi, who took over as governor in June, has already rocked… Read More »

Gillian Tett on banking conferences and marriage rituals

At the Association of Social Anthropologists Blog: Most notably, banking conferences – like marriages – provide a chance for a social group to assemble iin one place, in a way that reaffirms their common identity and enabled them to forge new alliances, often in opposition to others. It also provides a forum for the group… Read More »

On Chasing Alpha

Stephen Gudeman’s post on the Association of Social Anthropologists’ Globalog series on the financial crisis: Economists may see economies as flat or smooth plains consisting of markets and market-like behavior that lead to equilibrium situations, but I think they consist of overlapping and conflicting spheres of value and practices. I label these fuzzy-edged spaces House,… Read More »