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“Europe needs Africa. Who’d have thought it?”

…is the title of a piece by Knox Chitiyo for the Guardian. An excerpt: The UK’s engagement with Africa is often expressed in terms of a “new scramble for Africa“, but this misses out what Africa wants. Certainly Africa wants partnerships with the west, but these need to be equal partnerships that also serve Africa’s… Read More »

Friday Links #48

1. Missionaries save languages 2. Nigerians, self-congratulatory much? 3. At least 40 East African (CEOs) take public HIV tests 4. The most beautiful images in Google street view 5. Google street view presents: A Hole-Filled Version of Germany 6. Africa: Hitchhiker’s Quick Guide to the Mothership 7. ‘For the record, big butts do not, in fact,… Read More »

The East African common market

BBC’s World Business news discusses the soon-to-be-effected East African common market. The common market will include Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Uganda and Rwanda. It will create a trading bloc of about 130 million people. The positive point is that trade will be easier among the countries of the common market, and the common market will be… Read More »