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Words, Spirits and History: A review of Gilbert Rist’s The History of Development

I was looking through my computer earlier today and I discovered a review I wrote during my first weeks as a Masters in Development Studies student at Uppsala in Sweden. The first thing those guys did was to encourage us to question the whole idea of development by making us read Gilbert Rist’s The History… Read More »

CFP: The Global Financial Crisis and Africa: Issues and Challenges

I just got this in the mail. Four interrelated crises are mutually reinforcing each other: climate change, the energy crisis, the food crisis and the financial and economic crisis. But of these, the consequence of the global financial meltdown presents significant challenges for African countries, reversing the gains in economic performance and management made since… Read More »

The Economist has a new blog focusing on Africa

… called Baobab. The description in the current edition of the newspaper: …it will delve into politics, econoics and culture, and comment on the successes of Africa’s peaceful elections and foreign investment as well as on Africa’s troubles. This is hoping that the language in which the discussions and analyses are framed will not be one… Read More »

Commonwealth observers sent to watch British elections

From the BBC: A team of observers from Commonwealth countries has arrived in the UK to watch how the election is conducted and suggest how it could be improved. It will be the first time a Commonwealth team has observed elections in a developed country. They will observe candidates’ campaigns, polling stations and the count,… Read More »