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A stork fights neo-Nazis

First some ground explanations. Here in Germany, the favourite fashion label of neo-Nazi’s is Thor Steinar. The brand was banned in Germany in 2004 because its logo lookred like that of the Nazi period SS. The label subsequently rebranded itself and now has a legally acceptable logo. In any case, the neo-Nazis love it and it is… Read More »

Friday links

1. A series exploring the realities of life in Europe for African migrants – Al Jazeera 2. The number of attempted suicides is five times as high among young Turkish-German women than their ethnic German counterparts – Der Spiegel 3. Dissent in China (on Chinese citizens’ response to the train crash in Wenzhou) – The… Read More »

The new Exportweltmeister

is China. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, China overtook Germany in 2009: China took over the mantle of the world’s top merchandise exporter from Germany in 2009, according to the latest figures, aided by a global economic crisis that has taken a greater toll on other trading powers. China exported $957… Read More »

Blacks in Germany

Yesterday I read a journal article on the hypersexualisation of blacks and the redefinition of citizenship in Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In plain English, German women saw black men as exotic consumables – blacks here meaning both Africans and African American GIs. But the experiences in both cases are radically different.… Read More »

What about growing your skyscraper?

From Der Spiegel: Three young German architects are designing structures made completely out of living trees, including a pavilion for concerts in downtown Stuttgart. But designing the ultimate treehouse turns out to be trickier than one might expect. How? The basis of their work is always the same. First, the architects build a conventional support… Read More »