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The punishment of an open (Norwegian) prison

Now imagine yourself in a prison that commands a view from a tourist brochure. Your cell phone lies on a shelf, next to a TV and CD player, inside a prison that lets you go to paid work or study. There is no perimeter wall. Prison staff will help you with free-world social services to… Read More »

Werner Herzog talks to Jian Ghomeshi of Studio Q

Werner Herzog, whose movie Nosferatu the Vampyre I saw over a long train ride a couple of weeks ago, talks at length about film-making, his new movie Into the Abyss, his hatred of capital punishment (one of the reasons he doesn’t want to apply for American citizenship), and how movies don’t change anything (he says that his… Read More »

820 prisoners on death row sue state governors and the comptroller-general of prisons

… because the governors plan to start signing execution warrants of those sentenced to death –  as a way to decongest prisons. The announcement, according to the prisoners, had caused them great shock, anxiety and trauma and they, therefore, want the court to stop any planned execution because it would be cruel and inhuman to… Read More »

Rejecting the Normal

In the BusinessDay of December 29, 2009 There is a thing about being so close to something that one does not see it anymore. Anthropologists normally refer to it as going native. You have gone native when you no longer see the obvious things anymore, when the things that an outsider notices stares you in… Read More »