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*Debunking Myths About Highly-Skilled Immigration and the Global Race for Talent*

The comment boards of articles about immigration are often filled with heart-wrenching stories of American engineers who can’t find employment. They too blame foreigners for their woes. So what gives? Could there indeed be a vast conspiracy by the technology industry to exclude Americans from the innovation economy? The truth is we’re not seeing the… Read More »

Reviews of Achebe’s There Was a Country: A Personal History of Biafra

First the conclusion of this ‘review’ (really, it is a summary of what the ‘reviewer’ likes in the book; and such a word as review should ideally not be used for it. If, however, we choose to call it a review, we should add that it is at best anodyne) by Noo Saro-Wiwa: The final… Read More »

CFP: Engaging the Francophone/Anglophone divide in researching Africa

ECAS 4 – Africa Engagements: On Whose Terms? Panel Title: Engaging the Francophone/Anglophone divide in researching Africa Panel Proposers: Ms Amy Niang, Politics and IR, University of Edinburgh Scotland Ms Muriel Cote, Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh Like other scientific disciplines, African studies are situated within specific knowledge/institutional configurations; this is perhaps most… Read More »

Friday Links #38

1. Turns out Nigerian foreign minister knows the ‘visions’ of a president he hasn’t talked to in close to two months! (See this BBC Hardtalk excerpt). Hmm… maybe we really don’t need a president then. 2. Intelligent Life on online fashion shopping. 3. Haiti and the Catastrophic Role of the International Financial System by Saskia Sassen. HT @jranck… Read More »