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Drug trafficking and usage in Africa

Ken Opalo has an excellent article on drug trafficking in Africa: The problem of drug trafficking in Africa is not merely a law enforcement concern. Firstly, it is a threat to the development and consolidation of important state institutions, especially the region’s judiciaries and security agencies. In many of the African states that have been… Read More »

On the lack of expertise in America’s foreign policy

Manan Ahmed in The National: Both Stewart and Mortenson illustrate one particular configuration of the relationship between knowledge and the American empire – the “non-expert” insider who can traverse that unknown terrain and, hence, become an “expert”. Even a cursory examination of the archive dealing with the American efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan demonstrates… Read More »

Commonwealth observers sent to watch British elections

From the BBC: A team of observers from Commonwealth countries has arrived in the UK to watch how the election is conducted and suggest how it could be improved. It will be the first time a Commonwealth team has observed elections in a developed country. They will observe candidates’ campaigns, polling stations and the count,… Read More »

Intra-African trade and development

Ms Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Nigeria’s former minister for finance, and currently a managing director of the World Bank: intra regional trade in Africa remains low and accounts for less than 10% of total trade . Between 1999 and 2006, for example, intra-African trade increased by an average of just 14 per cent per year, while trade… Read More »

Africa Rising

is the title of a Reuters report on Africa. Read this excerpt: The International Monetary Fund believes growth in sub-Saharan Africa will be 1 percentage point above the global average, and puts eight African countries in its top 20 fastest-expanding economies in 2010. Oil-rich Angola and Congo Republic will lead the charge with growth rates… Read More »

China’s Export of Labor Faces Growing Scorn

From NYTimes: TRUNG SON, Vietnam — It seemed as if this village in northern Vietnam had struck gold when a Chinese and a Japanese company arrived to jointly build a coal-fired power plant. Thousands of jobs would start flowing in, or so the residents hoped. Four years later, the Haiphong Thermal Power Plant is nearing… Read More »