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Absentee President Update: Court orders cabinet to decide on Nigerian president’s fitness

The courts have given the Nigerian cabinet 14 days to determine whether the president is fit to lead the country. You might recall that the president has been away from the country on treatment for close to two months. From Reuters: Judge Dan Abutu ordered the cabinet to pass a resolution on Yar’Adua’s fitness within… Read More »

Of Commentaries, Reactions and Over-Reactions

My column of this week. December 25, 2009: A Nigerian-born male, with secondary education in Togo and university education in London, said to have been radicalized during his university days in London, and to have been further radicalized in Yemen, attempted to detonate an ‘incendiary device’ that he had sown into his underwear before getting… Read More »

Nigeria now on Teh List

H/T Jeremy For a more serious analysis. Update: From the BBC The after effects of the alleged attempt by a Nigerian man to blow up a passenger plane over the US on Christmas Day continue to be felt. The Americans are introducing new rules for screening passengers before they board US bound flights. The rules… Read More »

China’s Export of Labor Faces Growing Scorn

From NYTimes: TRUNG SON, Vietnam — It seemed as if this village in northern Vietnam had struck gold when a Chinese and a Japanese company arrived to jointly build a coal-fired power plant. Thousands of jobs would start flowing in, or so the residents hoped. Four years later, the Haiphong Thermal Power Plant is nearing… Read More »

Charles Taylor ‘duped’ by Nigeria

No, it is not 419. The BBC reports: Charles Taylor ‘duped’ by Nigeria: Former Liberian President Charles Taylor has said he was duped by Nigeria into being arrested there in 2006. Speaking at his war crimes trial in The Hague, he said Nigeria’s then-leader had reneged on a promise to let him leave the country… Read More »

The Berlin Wall

…came down 20 years ago this month (November 9, 1989). Here is my column on Berlin.

What is important to the Nigerian press?

SolomonSydelle just wrote a post examining the reason Nigeria ranks 135 in the Press Freedom 2009 index. Check the post out. My Bachelors thesis – seems like a world ago now – is a discourse analysis of ideology in Nigerian newspaper editorials. My interests in editorials have come up again, and I am thinking of… Read More »

Nigeria signs 875 million dollar railway deal with China

Yahoo! news: ABUJA (AFP) – Nigeria on Monday signed a deal worth almost a billion dollars with a state-owned Chinese engineering firm to resuscitate part of its dilapidated railway system, the transport minister said. The 875-million-dollar (588-million-euro) contract was signed by Transport Minister Ibrahim Isa Bio and the managing director of the China Civil Engineering… Read More »