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New York Magazine profiles Jon Stewart

Check this out: “Here’s something you always like to see,” Stewart says, scanning the front page of the Washington Post.“ ‘U.S. Trade Deficit Startles Markets.’ Now, we’ve understood the U.S. trade deficit for a while. Are the markets small children that are easily startled? The next day, they’ll get an unemployment number and go, ‘Oh, I don’t… Read More »

Would you buy a Zuma doll?

The factory that is making the SA 2010 World Cup mascots is said to be making a Zuma doll. ANC says it does not know about it but promises to investigate. Check out the story here. Plus some commentary here.

What to do in Denmark?

Leave a baby behind! Probably the most honest sex tourism advert till date. According to the BBC, the advert was pulled off YouTube following complaints that it promotes promiscuity.