The evolving oil & gas landscape in West Africa

By | July 9, 2014

This paper considers the bi-regional relations between Europe and West  Africa in the field of energy. As its point of departure, the paper begins by  acknowledging the ferocity with which today’s energy landscape is changing.  As important producers and consumers within this landscape, Europe and West  Africa are subject to change, both intra- and inter-regionally. How will this 60- year old energy relationship adjust to this new landscape? And what obstacles  stand in the way of securing a mutually-beneficial, sustainable relationship for  the next 60 years?

That is the intro to a pretty nice article [pdf] that you should look at. Plus it is not too long. Even tho the focus is mainly on relations between Europe and West Africa, it touches on important developments in West Africa, including US shale gas, China, etc.