China opens world’s largest museum

By | April 2, 2011

The National Museum of China in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, recently trippled its exhibition place in a renovation and expansion that lasted about three and a half year. This makes it the largest museum in the world – it beats New York’s Metropolitan Museum, formerly the largest museum in the world, by about 20,000 square feet. The first exhibition?

On the occasion of the re-opening, several German museums and their curators were invited to create programming and exhibitions on the art of the Enlightenment: a survey of artifacts from an era of European creativity, scientific progress, and openness of thought.

This is in a period that China is embarking on what has been described as “the most intense crackdown on free expression in years”.

H/t Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen. Their weekly programme on pop culture and the arts is always a delight to listen to. It is also available as a podcast.

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