CFP: The Global Financial Crisis and Africa: Issues and Challenges

By | September 21, 2010

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Four interrelated crises are mutually reinforcing each other: climate change, the energy crisis, the food crisis and the financial and economic crisis. But of these, the consequence of the global financial meltdown presents significant challenges for African countries, reversing the gains in economic performance and management made since the beginning of the new millennium. Although the crisis, progeny of the US mortgage industry came up gradually since Summer 2007, it went through a new phase of acceleration and development in early Fall 2008. This crisis has since spread beyond the US and the developed countries to Africa, a continent pervasive with weak institutions of governance and uncoordinated policy responses to the crisis.

The call for concept papers for an edited Book Project hopes to address the implication of globalisation of the financial crisis to Africa. It also seeks to identify divergent policy responses from African countries, regional organisations and international institutions in ensuring that the crisis does not develop into a humanitarian crisis. Although African countries have reactive identities regarding impact and policy responses to the crisis, the continent is far from being monolithic.

Sub- Themes

Proposals are welcomed from the following sub-themes:

i. The globalisation of economic and financial crisis in Africa
ii. The synergy between climate change, food crisis, energy crisis and the financial and economic crisis
iii. The role of institutions in stemming the tide of the financial and economic crisis in Africa
iv. Financial and economic crisis and peace and security challenges in Africa v. Income re-distribution and pro-poor policies during financial and economic crisis
vi. Diasporas, remittances, brain drain or brain gain during the financial and economic crisis
vii. Images, media presentation and representation of the economic and financial crisis viii. Gender and the economic and financial crisis
ix. The role of Asian drivers in mitigating the financial and economic crisis in Africa
x. Impact and responses from rentier states, enclave economies, mono-crop economies and diversified economies
xi. Financial and economic crisis and African borders
xii. Country case studies on the global and economic financial meltdown

Proposals should include the contributor’s name, affiliation, and contact details (including email address) as well as book sub-theme, abstract and paper title (maximum 500 words). Proposals should be sent to:

Deadlines and timetable
28th September 2010 – Deadline for submitting the book proposal
31st October 2010 – Notification about acceptance/decline of the proposal
31st November 2010 – Deadline for submitting the papers
15th January 2010 – Deadline for submitting revised papers
4th March 2011 – Publishing of selected papers in an edited volume

For further information, email:

Terhemba Ambe-Uva
Lecturer/Coordinator, Department of International Studies, National Open University of Nigeria PMB 80067 Victoria Island, Lagos.

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