Not all development problems are money problems

By | August 1, 2010

OK, we knew that already. But the point was brought home particularly well with regards to the education sector in developing countries by Professor Emeritus Pai Obanya of Ibadan University in a podcast interview with the London International Development Centre (LDIC). Professor Emeritus Lalage Brown of Glasgow University was also on the podcast.

On the MDG goals, Professor Obanya says that the problem is that they are not owned by developing countries. People simply sign up to programmes that they don’t fully understand because someone promises to fund the programmes if they sign up to them.

He made a distinction between Education and schooling. They also discuss ICT in education.

Towards the end of the podcast, Professor Brown says there is a lot for Nigeria to celebrate during the 50th independence anniversary this year. I think so too; I will do a post on that sometime soon.

The podcast is worth your time.