Nigerian president returns to Nigeria

By | February 24, 2010

So, apparently, the Nigerian president has decided to return home, only a few days after the vice president was named acting president. Interesting.

NEXT reports that the president’s ambulance arrived in Aso Rock, Abuja, the presidential ‘grounds’ about 4 hours ago.

See this Aljazeera report for some background to the story.

So, what happens to the acting president? Who will be ruling the country?

There seems to be no end to drama in Nigeria. It is amazing – and this has to be said over and over again – how much Nigerian leaders, in their confusion, have managed to sort of keep it together and get the state going. Somehow. The book on this period in Nigeria has to be written.

Let us wait and see how this develops.

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  • May God help us in dis county but if president should resign due 2 his health would him life long becos there would be much problem 4 him again but puting us in darkness abt d president musa may be his death or not

    I love nigeria

  • May God help us in dis county

    I love nigeria