What is important to the Nigerian press?

By | November 2, 2009

SolomonSydelle just wrote a post examining the reason Nigeria ranks 135 in the Press Freedom 2009 index. Check the post out.

My Bachelors thesis – seems like a world ago now – is a discourse analysis of ideology in Nigerian newspaper editorials. My interests in editorials have come up again, and I am thinking of launching a series over at NigeriansTalk that brings together, at least once a week, editorials of different newspapers. I know it is a rather rough way to measure what is important to the Nigerian press, but it is nevertheless an indication.

For instance, the case of Miss Grace Ushang, the NYSC member who was raped to death on September 27, 2009, came up in a NEXT editorial on October 30, and in a Nigerian Guardian editorial today, November 2. NigeriansTalk’s Nneoma blogged about it on October 22.

I would love to make it a daily affair, but I am so busy I cannot commit to doing that. If anyone is interested in doing it for NigeriansTalk please leave me a message here.

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