Anthropologists discuss the financial crisis

By | October 6, 2009

on the American Anthropological Association (AAA) website. From the AAA blog:

The economic crisis issue includes:

  • Gillian Tett: Icebergs and Ideologies: How Information Flows Fuelled the Financial Crisis
  • Aaron Pitluck: Ethnography Meets Econometrics: Exploring Daily Work Practices that Lead to Financial Crises
  • Tara Schwegler: The Global Crisis of Economic Meaning
  • Edward F Fischer: Capitalism in Context: Seeing Beyond the “Free” Market
  • Richard Robbins: Anthropologizing Economics: Lessons from the Latest Crisis
  • Sarah Tobin: Islamic Banking in the Global Financial Crisis: The Value of “Banking Rightly”
  • Laura Nelson: Foreshadowing Global Bankruptcy: South Korea’s Credit Card Debacle
  • Emma Gilberthorpe & Paul Sillitoe: A Failure of Social Capital: Lessons from Papua New Guinea in the Current Economic Crisis
  • Kathi Kitner & Renee Kuriyan: The Moral Minority: Cultural Politics of Consumption in a Global Downturn
  • Jane Guyer: Confusion and Silence: Public Rhetoric in Monetarist Crises, from Nigeria to the US

All the articles are available here.

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