Monthly Archives: June 2007

Threatening Emails

I just got this from a listserve…. It is supposed to be the latest form of 419. I am not really sure of the reason I am posting it. Is it to help confirm the prejudice held against Nigerians? Or is it because I don’t believe the details of the prejudice? I am thinking that this might be true; it is a serious threat, and I think it should be dealt with as such. It is from an American Campus Police Chief.

I have E-mailed you all before regarding various E-Mail scams that you may receive. The most recent one is a variation of some of the other ones, generally with their roots in West Africa and especially Nigeria. The E-Mail will purport to be from an American (the ones I’ve seen have been Yahoo accounts), but the grammar will usually give it away as someone whose first language is not English. The basic concept is that someone you know, has paid this person a large sum of money to kill you. Being an ethical hit man, he feels bad because he has learned you are a good person so he wants to give you a chance to buy out the hit contract. For a sum of several thousand dollars up front, he will mail you the tapes of him and the person who requested the hit so you can go to the police with it. Once you receive the tape, you will then send him the second installment.

Although we do consider all threats as serious, these have been identified as a scam in general. If you do receive any such E-mails, please contact us. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.